(original in Romanian: Conferinţa Anuală de Matematici Aplicate şi Informatică)

CAMAI 2019
Bucharest, November 15-18, 2019


The Conference on Applied Mathematics and Informatics is organized by Faculty of Engineering and Informatics  (former Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Informatics and Geography) from Spiru Haret University and by Research Center in Mathematics and Informatics, affiliated to Central Institute for Scientific Research from Spiru Haret University.

The conference is mainly addressed to researchers in mathematics, computer science  and information technologies, and includes theoretical and applied mathematics and computing topics.

Special topics:

Blockchain - Scientific and Technological Research       Marinescu Spaces - 1HY

Special topics: Block Chain Scientific and Technological Research              Gheorghe Marinescu, One Hundred Years (born: September 21, 1919)

Image sources{
1) https://engineering.stanford.edu/sites/default/files/styles/banner-850x400/public/soe_block_v1.png
2) https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ro/thumb/7/75/Gheorghe_D._Marinescu.jpg/220px-Gheorghe_D._Marinescu.jpg

The conference takes place in Bucharest, 46Gth Fabricii Street, the location of Faculty. Every year, the conference is dedicated to a major local, national or international event.

The organizers wish this conference to be an important international event in applied mathematics and computing.

The firs edition occurs in 2007.

From 2013, the conference includes a special section for History and Pedagogy of Mathematics and Computer Science.